An Empty Hostel -Horror Movie or Heaven?

We’ve all seen those horror shows or movies; you know the ones, where the main character wakes up after an extended period of unconsciousness, usually in a hospital, to find that there is no one else around.  It’s spookily empty and devoid of life.

Well what would you say if we told you, that that sort of happened to us during our stay in Bangkok?  Okay, so there was no extended period of unconsciousness (although C did sleep a lot during that week) and definitely no blood smears on the walls.  But our second hostel was completely empty of other guests and was reminiscent of a horror movie opening scene.

It led us to wonder whether being the only guests at a hostel/hotel would be;

Heaven or Horro

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Training for a Marathon – An Introduction

People don’t often look at me and think “runner”.  I love myself some cake; and a day of Netflix, followed by an Indian takeaway is my idea of absolute heaven!

It took me ages to start identifying as a runner because of that blurry bit in between not being able to do something and being able to do it.  It sometimes seems like you can’t really claim to be able to do something, if there is possibly someone in the room who might, potentially, be able to do it better than you – but maybe that’s just a British thing.


My incredibly dirty running shoes *Eugh!*

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Gift Ideas for Backpackers

In a few days, one of us will be celebrating getting a year older. Usually that day involves being surrounded by friends, family, cake and beer. Sometimes you’ll even be lucky enough to visit a foreign country (but usually only when there’s an “0” at the end of the age).

As a traveller, you are almost definitely in a foreign country; the things you’re used to having at this time of year aren’t there; and the people that usually shower you with multicoloured gifts now want to know what you want for your birthday.  All you can think is “How can I fit anything else in my 30L backpack?!?” Continue reading

Our Favourite Things – Day 150

It may feel like the past 50 days have gone really quickly, but that’s mainly because we were super slow in uploading the Favourite Things – 100 days blog.

Day 100 saw us checking into the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas – that’s the super cool Egyptian themed pyramid. Since then, we have descended into the Grand Canyon, had a road trip across three states and suffered with food poisoning in Bangkok. Continue reading

We Have a Youtube Channel!

Today is a very momentus occasion in the world of Love C and D! We have created our own Youtube Channel so that we can make Vlogs. Don’t worry, we’re not fully transitioning – just keeping options open for things that would be really boring to write about, like visa extensions (keep tuned for that one soon).

Anyway, here is our very first video! I clearly have a lot to learn in terms of filming and editing, but it gives you a great sneak peek into the place that we’re living in for the next month. Watch it, comment on it, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel –

Our Favourite Things – Day 100

How did we get to day 100 that quickly?!? The past 50 days have gone by in a complete blur of heat, friends and road trips.

Because some of our answers are the same (D still talks about Rio any chance he can get), we set the rule that our favorites here, are only the ones we’ve experienced in the last 50 days.

Learn about the favorites from the first 50 days here.

Favourite Country

D: I’m going to say the US. Despite being crazy expensive compared to South America, I’ve loved seeing things that are famous all over the world, and places that we’ve only ever known in our favourite TV shows and movies.

C: I absolutely adored Canada. Canadians are the friendliest people! All the places we went were so clean and there were some amazing things to do there. Continue reading

RTW Firsts

Travelling round the world has already allowed us to see loads of amazing sights, meet lovely people, eat weird and wonderful foods and try out new experiences.

We wanted to share with you some of things that we have had the pleasure to do for the first time:-


Horse riding – D had never before ridden and a horse and was actually a bit scared of horses! But as part of our 4 day Pantanal tour we went on a horse ride trek and D loved it.

Pirahna Fishing – Also in the Pantanal D tried his hand at Piranha fishing and managed to catch one! (don’t worry, it got thrown back in afterwards unharmed)

Overnight Bus Ride – Our journey from Sao Paulo to Iguacu Falls was the first time we had spent all night on a bus. Considering the chairs reclined to almost flat, it was not the worst experience in the world!

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The Truth About Hostelling

So far, C and I have mostly been staying in hostels.  My only experience of hostelling wasn’t great and consisted of staying in a 20 bed dorm room; it was too hot, everybody snored and there were vomit covered sheets in the hallway! Not a great reference point for spending the next twelve months in hostels.

We can assure you, not all hostels are like this. So if you have a similar idea about hostelling this will hopefully help ease your mind and bust some of those myths.

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That Time I Needed to Go to A&E in Peru – and Lived to Tell the Tale

Whenever bad things happen I always remember the conversation we were having at the time. It’s never about world politics or feeding the hungry, it’s always some mundane thing that haunts me whenever I think about how stupid it was.

This is what I was thinking, while I sat in the wheelchair in the stark whiteness of an accident and emergency department in Lima, reflecting on the conversation I’d been having with D about the time I’d once had too many shots of rum on a night out.

Metal thing

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