Photo Friday: The Pantanal

The Pantanal is a wildlife rich wetland that is flooded for the majority of every year. People come here from all over the world to spot birds, caiman and big cats.


We visited The Pantanal from the South, the slightly cheaper but more touristy end. During the rainy season, the land floods, meaning most transport needs to happen by boat.


This was the sole road we saw in the Pantanal, it went in a straight line for over 60km. The water you can see will be completely dried up by September.


We drove through a herd of cows one day. The cowboys were moving the cows to graze further down the road.


Obviously the main attraction is the wildlife. Unfortunately most move pretty quick, and my camera is just not built for this kind of photography. But the armadillos we came across quite liked posing…


… As did the Caiman (who don’t eat people by the way!).


Something that we loved about the Pantanal was how peaceful it was. The kind of peaceful you feel when you watch the sunset over a river with the sounds of the jungle around you.


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