Photo Friday: Las Vegas

There are three things you need to know about Las Vegas. It’s big, it’s hot and it’s extravagant. The ultimate sin city, every vice is catered for; to as much excess as you can handle.

Las Vegas Photo Friday

All joking aside though, Vegas has something for everyone. From the arcades to roller coasters and even gondola rides, you can find it all here. Vegas has become the ultimate in customer satisfaction, with air conditioned buildings that link to each other with equally air-conditioned tunnels to waitresses bringing your drink order direct to your slot machine.


The decoration of the Casinos on the main strip is absolutely amazing. The detail on both the outside and inside of the themed buildings leaves everyone with their jaws on the floor. Here, you see Excalibur – a Medieval themed Casino with colourful turrets.


The Venetian was one of our favourites. It was the first casino we visited and the genuine Venetian details impressed us, from the facade resembling the Doge’s Palace to restaurants overlooking the (much cleaner than the original) Grand Canal.


The Dancing Fountains at the Bellagio is one of the highlights of a visit to Vegas – and is absolutely free! They run to music all through the day, but the shows at night, where the water is lit up, are the most spectacular.


That queue is people waiting to take a picture with one of the most famous signs in the world. I never realised the back of the sign also had writing on it, so it was great to visit.


There are several wedding chapels in Vegas, of varying levels of class, including one in each casino. This is the sweetest and nicest one, down near the Welcome to Vegas Sign, just in case you need to get married whilst you’re here!

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