Photo Friday04-03

As you read this, we will already have left the UK. My guess is that we will be somewhere above the English Channel – headed towards Brazil. As a slight contrast, let me share with you some photos of that time we went to Glasgow.

Some of you may remember this as “the time we didn’t pay for windows in our hotel room but should have done.” Also known as Easyhotel really skimp on the basics.
Glasgow 3

Glasgow Science Centre is epic! Genuinely one of the best Science Museums I have been to. I think one of the things we liked about it though was that it wasn’t too crowded. Also, I didn’t feel like a complete creep because we didn’t have any kids with us.
Glasgow 6

Riverside Museum is supposed to document Glasgow’s rich past, but from what I could see is basically a Transport Museum. It was much more than just old cars though, there was a lifesize subway model (Yes, Glasgow has a subway), and this wonderful ‘Street From the Past’.

Glasgow 4

Glasgow Necropolis is well worth a look around, with it’s famous graves and interesting architecture.

Glasgow 5

The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens are a nostalgic look at what laife has been like for Glasweigans in the past. Make sure you look out for Billy Connelly’s Banana Boots.

Glasgow 2

We took a day trip up to Loch Ness but sadly did not see Nessie. We stopped off a few times on the trip to visit places of historical importance in the Scottish Highlands and during the drive were regaled with facts and folklore.