48 Hours in San Francisco

This is the first “48 Hours In” where we have genuinely experienced the rush of spending such a short time in one place.  We are usually there for around a week so that we can soak up the atmosphere and try a load of different places and find you, the reader, the best of the best.

48 Hrs in SF sq.jpg

Between leaving the farm, and catching our flight to Bangkok, we had 72 hours to get to San Fran, experience all it had to offer us and have our bums in our seats on our trans-pacific flight.

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Suzie does… The Metzger Farm

Suzie’s been on her travels again!  Her latest adventure involved volunteering on an organic fruit and vegetable farm in California.

She joined us for nearly four weeks of getting to know real American life, in the small town of San Andreas.  The Metzgers welcomed us on to their farm and we all had some great fun working in the fields.  Check out what she got up to:-

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Photo Friday: Big Trees, CA

One of the things that we love about the US is their tendency to name things as they are. Some examples that Brits will understand are sidewalk (pavement), flashlight (torch) and washcloth (flannel).

This trend is evident in naming places too – Mike’s Pizza is a Pizzeria, Kelly’s Drug Store sells cosmetics and fills prescriptions.

Last weekend we visited the aptly named Big Trees. Featuring a whole load of big trees.

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‘Gator Ahoy! – An Airboat Ride on the Everglades

Everyone knows that you can’t visit Florida, without taking a trip to see the alligators in the Everglades.  In fact, at least three different people suggested that it was the ‘one thing we needed to make sure we did’, when we mentioned that we would be visiting Miami.

And if you want to see the vast, open, grassy, watery expanse of the Everglades up close and personal, the only way to do it is on an airboat.


What the Sac? In Sacramento and at a loss for ideas……

If you are anything like us, you know next to nothing about Sacramento.  So having just arrived in the California State Capital of “Sac” you’re now thinking “what on earth can I do here?!”

We were only in Sacramento for a few days and some of that time we spent not really doing a lot, whilst staying in a motel in West Sacramento. By way of explanation, our rental car needed to be returned to the airport and we wanted to be fairly close to avoid any last minute panics and a long early morning drive. So we don’t claim to know all there is to know about Cali’s star on the map, and I am sure that some of you are screaming out in frustration at us having missed some obvious gems, but this is just a small selection of what there is to do, a taster of the best if you will….

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