An Empty Hostel -Horror Movie or Heaven?

We’ve all seen those horror shows or movies; you know the ones, where the main character wakes up after an extended period of unconsciousness, usually in a hospital, to find that there is no one else around.  It’s spookily empty and devoid of life.

Well what would you say if we told you, that that sort of happened to us during our stay in Bangkok?  Okay, so there was no extended period of unconsciousness (although C did sleep a lot during that week) and definitely no blood smears on the walls.  But our second hostel was completely empty of other guests and was reminiscent of a horror movie opening scene.

It led us to wonder whether being the only guests at a hostel/hotel would be;

Heaven or Horro

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48 Hours in San Francisco

This is the first “48 Hours In” where we have genuinely experienced the rush of spending such a short time in one place.  We are usually there for around a week so that we can soak up the atmosphere and try a load of different places and find you, the reader, the best of the best.

48 Hrs in SF sq.jpg

Between leaving the farm, and catching our flight to Bangkok, we had 72 hours to get to San Fran, experience all it had to offer us and have our bums in our seats on our trans-pacific flight.

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Photo Friday: Chiang Mai

TGIF!  Yes it’s time for some more awesome snapshots from our travels, this time from our current location of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  As you will have seen from our recent post, we are staying in an apartment and will be here until the end of this month.

PF Chiang Mai

We have had a great time so far exploring the narrow streets of the Old City, sampling the hundreds of food options on offer, and hiking up through humid jungle terrain to reach Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep.


These three gentlemen are King Mengrai, King Ramkamhaeng and King Ngam Muang.  Located in the centre of the old walled city, this monument honours the three kings who were responsible for founding the city of Chiang Mai in 1296.


We found this beautiful and vibrantly decorated room in one of the Wat’s in the Old City. (we can’t remember which so you’ll have to explore – p.s. women aren’t allowed in here)  Just look at those colours!


We love the effect that these red umbrellas create, just outside a group of restaurants in the Old City.


We love this view of a small local market in the evening, taken against the backdrop of Doi Suthep.  This is our ‘go to’ place for banana and egg rotee – yummy!


After a successful, if sweaty and sticky hike up the Monk’s Trail, we arrived at Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep – one of most sacred temples in Northern Thailand.  The Golden Chedi is the main “attraction” here and we loved capturing it from this view.

Now, as you know, Photo Fridays normally consist of the top five photos from our time in a given place.  However, we’ve been here over two weeks now and have taken butt loads of photos, so five just isn’t enough.  As a special treat, here’s a few bonus pictures!


About a third of the way up the Monk’s Trail, on the way to Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep, is the serene and tranquil Wat Phalad.  The grounds surrounding this little monastery are beautiful.


Sitting on the rocks of a gentle stream waterfall at Wat Phalad, afforded an amazing viewpoint over the city.  This was some much needed rest and reflection time, to ready us for the next part of our trek up Doi Suthep.


This lovely looking stretch of water is the canal that runs all the way around the outside of the square, Old City.  When the fountains spray and the sun shines (rarely) it can look quite pretty, despite the muddy colour of the water.


And finally…this is probably one thing you didn’t expect to see in Chiang Mai, neither did we!  Wat Buppharam in the Old City contains a temple with a little surrounding garden.  The garden has sculptures of all kinds including various animals and Donald Duck!

Have you been to Chiang Mai before?  What were your highlights? Have we missed any golden photo opportunities?  Get in touch in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.  Love C and D x

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Training for a Marathon – An Introduction

People don’t often look at me and think “runner”.  I love myself some cake; and a day of Netflix, followed by an Indian takeaway is my idea of absolute heaven!

It took me ages to start identifying as a runner because of that blurry bit in between not being able to do something and being able to do it.  It sometimes seems like you can’t really claim to be able to do something, if there is possibly someone in the room who might, potentially, be able to do it better than you – but maybe that’s just a British thing.


My incredibly dirty running shoes *Eugh!*

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Gift Ideas for Backpackers

In a few days, one of us will be celebrating getting a year older. Usually that day involves being surrounded by friends, family, cake and beer. Sometimes you’ll even be lucky enough to visit a foreign country (but usually only when there’s an “0” at the end of the age).

As a traveller, you are almost definitely in a foreign country; the things you’re used to having at this time of year aren’t there; and the people that usually shower you with multicoloured gifts now want to know what you want for your birthday.  All you can think is “How can I fit anything else in my 30L backpack?!?” Continue reading

Our Week in Bangkok


Firstly, if you’re a new visitor to LoveCandD then welcome, glad you found us!  Whilst you’re here feel free to have a look at some of our other posts and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  If you’re a regular reader then welcome back, we love hearing from you too!

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Our Favourite Things – Day 150

It may feel like the past 50 days have gone really quickly, but that’s mainly because we were super slow in uploading the Favourite Things – 100 days blog.

Day 100 saw us checking into the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas – that’s the super cool Egyptian themed pyramid. Since then, we have descended into the Grand Canyon, had a road trip across three states and suffered with food poisoning in Bangkok. Continue reading