Our Favourite Things – Day 100

How did we get to day 100 that quickly?!? The past 50 days have gone by in a complete blur of heat, friends and road trips.

Because some of our answers are the same (D still talks about Rio any chance he can get), we set the rule that our favorites here, are only the ones we’ve experienced in the last 50 days.

Learn about the favorites from the first 50 days here.

Favourite Country

D: I’m going to say the US. Despite being crazy expensive compared to South America, I’ve loved seeing things that are famous all over the world, and places that we’ve only ever known in our favourite TV shows and movies.

C: I absolutely adored Canada. Canadians are the friendliest people! All the places we went were so clean and there were some amazing things to do there.

Favourite City

Ooo, it’s a close one, but Miami. It has different neighbourhoods with different atmospheres in each. It had a bit of everything, including being near the sea, and I like being near water.

C: Toronto was my favourite. The city is so compact compared to some of the other places we’ve been. Plus, there is an underground tunnel system in Toronto – which is very cool.

Favourite Accommodation 

D: The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It doesn’t get much better than staying in a pyramid, with elevators that go sideways.

C: The hotel in Lima that upgraded us when we arrived! The suite was amazing, and it had a huge King Size bed.

D: That place was amazing because we spent nearly 48 hours straight in that room after you broke your toe.

Favourite Day

D: That is a tough question because we’ve done so much! It’ll have to be the day we visited the little town of St Albert in Canada, watched the parade and went to the rodeo.

C: The day I first saw Niagara Falls is one I will never forget for the rest of my life! I had been looking forward to it for months, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations.

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Favourite Activity

C: I’m not sure this counts as an activity, except all the pushing we needed to do to get a photo, but I think seeing the White House – it was so surreal!

D: When we went to Machu Picchu, because it was one of the main things I wanted to do this year. I was excited, and it was incredible!

Favourite Restaurant 

D: Yard House. It’s a chain restaurant that serves half yard beers and the most amazing chicken strips. Plus they’re all over the US, so we can always find one.

C: Hmm.. It’s tough because in the US, they’re not that great with the vegetarian food in a lot of places. I have really liked Denny’s, because you can get all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4

Favourite Burger

D: The alpaca burger that I had in Cusco.

C: We stopped in a tiny place called Kingsburg when we drove up the i99. I had an amazing and completely unexpected veggie burger, at a little road side cafe called Three Crowns.

Favourite Oddity 

D: I loved that in Peru, there were just llamas everywhere. Llamas on street corners, in fields, wandering along roads.  Not just this, but locals didn’t bat an eyelid, because it was normal there.

C: It might not be that peculiar, but loads of people here in the US think that we’re from Australia – people keep saying “G’day mate”.

Favourite Thing You Packed

C: Right now it’s my shorts. Some days here on the farm it’s been pushing towards 40 degrees celsius and I just could not imagine working in either jeans or the dresses I brought.

D: My walking shoes. We’ve done some serious walking on some rocky terrain. I don’t think my trainers would have stood up to it, and I can’t imagine doing it in flip-flops.

Favourite Thing You Bought

D: The flip-flops that I bought in Sao Paulo. They were cheap, they’re yellow, they’re comfy and it meant I could get rid of my chunky old ones.

C: Since leaving, we have bought a MacBook Air. It went against everything in me to carry something so expensive around the world, but we’ve used it nearly every day for Skype, blogging, studying and entertainment.

Favourite Las Vegas Casino

D: Caeser’s Palace. I liked the greek inspired architecture. And they had curved escalators, which I’d never seen before!

C: I loved Wynn and Encore because they were purple and covered in butterflies!


Favourite App

D: We made the (maybe silly) decision to get Netflix once we got to the US. I’ve loved catching up on some old TV programs and discovering some new ones.

C: I have used WhatsApp so much recently. Whether it’s calling my Mum, arranging our next activity or sending photos to friends it really has been so useful.

Favourite Travel Tip

C: Going to another Western Country on your first big trip may sound like a great idea. You might know the language, you’ll probably be OK with the food, and you’ll understand the people and their country because of all the imported shows on TV. But it will kill your budget, and it might kill your motivation to travel if you end up scrimping on accommodation and activities to make up for it. I’m not saying don’t do it, just know what you’re getting yourself into.

D: Everything can be done last minute, but will probably cost you more the nearer to the date you book it. Especially if everyone and their dog wants to do it, in which case those last few spaces will be like gold dust.

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