RTW Firsts

Travelling round the world has already allowed us to see loads of amazing sights, meet lovely people, eat weird and wonderful foods and try out new experiences.

We wanted to share with you some of things that we have had the pleasure to do for the first time:-


Horse riding – D had never before ridden and a horse and was actually a bit scared of horses! But as part of our 4 day Pantanal tour we went on a horse ride trek and D loved it.

Pirahna Fishing – Also in the Pantanal D tried his hand at Piranha fishing and managed to catch one! (don’t worry, it got thrown back in afterwards unharmed)

Overnight Bus Ride – Our journey from Sao Paulo to Iguacu Falls was the first time we had spent all night on a bus. Considering the chairs reclined to almost flat, it was not the worst experience in the world!

Airboat Ride – Whilst in Miami we visited the Everglades and saw lots of “gators” thanks to a ride on this airboat.  It was exhilarating!

Everglades Tour.jpg

Food and Drink

Flash Frozen Ice Cream – We visited a small ice cream shop on a strip mall and ate ice cream that was flash frozen using liquid nitrogen whilst we waited.  Delicious.

Chica Morada.jpg

Chicha Morada – In Peru we were able to tickle our taste buds with a glas of Chicha Morada, a purple corn based sweet soft drink that is flavoured with cloves and cinnamon. It tasted a little like mulled wine.

Llama & Alpaca – In Bolivia and Peru D sampled the delights of both Llama and Alpaca meat in burgers, a curry and a steak.  They were very tasty and not a bit like chicken.

Feijoada – A Brazillian Portuguese stew of pork and beans, sometimes described as the national dish of Brazil, and served with rice, farofa and kale.  Each region of Brazil uses slightly different beans but we had it with black beans and cooked it ourselves a few times already.

Custard Apple – Although it looked very much like brains, the inside of a custard apple tastes surprisingly like custard.

Caipirinha – The very alcoholic National drink of Brazil. Made with limes, sugar and Cachaça, this will knock your socks off!



South America – A whole new continent to explore! We loved all the countries in South America that we visited.

FavelaRio de Janeiro is home to a number of Favelas, or urban slums.  We had the pleasure of visiting Vidigal, which sits at the foot of Morro Dois Irmaos and is now considered safe due to the Pacifying Police Unit that monitors it.  Some of the street art was incredible.

Air BnB – We were skeptical about using Air BnB as it seemed so cheap, but the first apartment we stayed in in Sucre was amazing!

Land Border – Poppingimage into Paraguay from Brazil for a pint was the first time we’d walked from one country into another.

Emergency Room
– Neither of us have ever broken a bone before.  That changed in Lima when C broke her toe and ended up in A&E.

Havaiana Store – Everyone has heard of Havaianas, one of Brazil’s most popular exports. However in the UK they are very expensive at around £20-£30 a pair.  In Brazil you can get them for as a little as £5 a pair, so naturally C picked up this pair.

Are you or have you been travelling? What did you get to do for the first time? Let us know!


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