Our Favourite Things – Day 150

It may feel like the past 50 days have gone really quickly, but that’s mainly because we were super slow in uploading the Favourite Things – 100 days blog.

Day 100 saw us checking into the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas – that’s the super cool Egyptian themed pyramid. Since then, we have descended into the Grand Canyon, had a road trip across three states and suffered with food poisoning in Bangkok.

Favourite Country

D: In these last fifty days we have only been to the US and Thailand, and we’ve only been in Thailand the last few days. But I think I’m going to like it here because the food is absolutely amazing, and so much cheaper than in the US.

C: Thailand feels like home to me because I spent five years of my childhood in Pattaya, but I miss the friends we made in the US!!

Favourite City

I had an absolute blast in Las Vegas, because it was a chance to splurge. There were pretty lights, food courts, casinos and a rollercoaster – it was the ultimate in extravagance. Plus, a lot of my firends had visited and it was great to see all the places that they raved about.

C: I know it’s a bit cheaty, because it’s not technically a city, but I loved San Andreas – where the farm was. There was two grocery stores and a library in the village, and not a whole lot more. It was so nice to be out with our hands in the dirt and we got to hang out with some pretty awesome people.

D: Also, it surprises people that it’s actually a really place, not just a made up city for Grand Theft Auto purposes.

Favourite Accommodation 

D: Accomodation in LA is either expensive or pants, so we ended up crashing on a sofa in Long Beach for a few days – thanks Kevin! It was awesome to be involved in these guys everyday lives. It also felt really travellery.

C: Keeping with the theme of staying in other people’s houses, we stayed in a gorgeous Air BnB in Fresno. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, but it was such a gorgeous room. I just want to recreate it when we get back to the UK.

Favourite Day

D: Our last day in Bangkok was epic! We did some cool Thai stuff; visited a Floating Market,  took a boat trip down some khlongs, ate some awesome food sat cross-legged on the floor and visited a wat.

C: I really liked our last whole day in the US, in San Francisco. We cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge while the mist was rolling in, and had our traditional last-night-in-a-country pizza!

Favourite Activity

D: Farming! Can I say that?

C: That’s a really vague activity… Which bit of farming?

D: Either peach picking or blackberry picking. Wait, blackberry picking because we got to eat a lot of blackberries and they were always delicious.

C: I really enjoyed being able to drive again when we rented that car in Las Vegas. It was really exciting to drive an automatic for the first time too.

D: Except when we nearly got hit by a ladder.

C: Yeah, that was not so fun. We were driving about 80 mph not far out of Las Vegas and a ladder slid off the back of a truck in the outside lane, skidded behind a Dodge Ram in the middle lane and in front of me on the inside lane and then bounced against the barrier on the side of the road – luckily stopping just inside the hard shoulder. That is something I’m not in a hurry to repeat.

Favourite Restaurant 

D: That posh place in San Francisco.

C: The last-night-in-a-country pizza place? It was called Montesacro. That place was awesome!

D:  It was the fanciest dinner we’ve had for ages. It was nice pretending to be fancy and hip, even if it was just for one night.

Favourite Oddity 

D: I liked that the appetisers in American restaurants were as big as main meals – I think I might have a slight obsession with food!

C: I think I might have a slight obsession with toilets! My favourite American oddity is that toilet stalls have HUGE gaps underneath them, and there are always slits where the door doesn’t quite meet the frame.

Favourite Thing You Packed

C: I have a pair of black, fold-up ballet flats. They’re not the greatest quality, but it’s been really useful for a couple of events where neither flip flops nor trainers felt like the right choice.

D: My sunglasses. It was sunny all the time in the US and I would not have been able to see a thing if I didn’t have them.

Favourite Thing You Bought

D: I recently bought a proper razor. After spending 4 months with disposable razors, this thing was amazing, it felt like angels kissing my face.

C: This is going to sound really geeky, but I signed up to do a bookkeeping course online. I’m nearly at the end of my first module and absolutely loving it.

D: And it means that we “have to” visit Indonesia so you can do the exams – what an absolute tragedy!

Favourite App

D: One of the few apps that is actually compatable with the Kindle Fire is WordPress. It means that we can blog anytime and anywhere – even if the other one is using the Macbook to do something else.

C: I’m loving Hootsuite at the moment because we can schedule social media posts all from the same point, rather than going into each one individually.

Favourite Travel Tip

C: Give yourself a break every once in a while. It’s easy to feel like you need to always be on the go, and always enjoying your travels. Sometimes though you feel sad, or homesick or just not quite right, and it’s OK to binge on Netflix and ice cream for a few days until you feel better.

D: Meet up with friends whenever you can. Even if your plans wouldn’t normally involve going out to them. Travelling can get lonely, even in a couple. It’s nice sometimes to have the normality of just hanging out with your mates.

What are some of your favourite things when travelling? Are there any “favourite thing” questions you want to ask us? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Our Favourite Things – Day 150

  1. Lindsey says:

    I love your Favourite Things posts! And I like your ‘conversations’ in this one. Which floating market did you go to? Really looking forward to your Bangkok blog.


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