See ya later – North America

Two continents down and two more to go (at least on this particular trip).  We have now said ‘goodbye’, ‘au revoir’ and ‘chau’ to the United States and Canada after nearly three months of traversing its major cities and landmarks.

PF North America

We visited 17 towns and cities across the two countries, and that doesn’t include the tiny places we stopped off on during our road trip. We were also able to meet up with old friends, friends we had made on our travels, and make some new ones.  Here are some of our highlights.


C visited Niagara Falls with her family, from both the American and Canadian sides.  The falls were jaw droppingly beautiful, crazy wet, and best of all, free!


On our first foray into California, we visited Los Angeles and met up with a friend from Rio.  We hiked up Mount Lee to get a great view of the famous Hollywood sign. Wow!


Next up was the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas!  What an amazing view that is, from the rooftop bar of the Delano Hotel, part of the Mandalay Bay complex.


The Grand Canyon is an unforgettable place, just the sheer size of it is astounding.  What more can we say.


Our penultimate stay in the US, was four weeks volunteering on the Metzger Farm in San Andreas.  We had such an amazing time and learnt some new skills, like hoeing rows.

A big thanks to those of you who are still following us, the likes and comments are much appreciated. And welcome to the newcomers, it’s great to have you onboard for the journey! Next stop, Thailand!


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