Suzie does… The Metzger Farm

Suzie’s been on her travels again!  Her latest adventure involved volunteering on an organic fruit and vegetable farm in California.

She joined us for nearly four weeks of getting to know real American life, in the small town of San Andreas.  The Metzgers welcomed us on to their farm and we all had some great fun working in the fields.  Check out what she got up to:-

The Market


Suzie loved helping out in the market, setting out all the fresh produce and making it look pretty for when customers arrived.  Her favourites were the purple and white eggplants (aubergiene).



Suzie spent some time ‘thinning’ apple trees.This involved picking off apples that were starting to rot, any pecked at by birds and even some that were touching other apples. This is to make sure the trees don’t waste their energy growing bad apples, to prevent coddling moth nesting inside and to give the apples room to grow big and juicy.



The Metzger Farm specialty is its tomatoes.  They were only just beginning to be ripe enough to sell when Suzie left.  However she was able to pick lots of Cherry Tomatoes; her favourites were Sun Golds – sweet, juicy and perfectly orange when they were ripe. (sadly, not pictured)!

Hoeing Rows


In order to plant new crops, Suzie had to use a hoe to create new rows in the dirt. This involves dragging dirt to form hills, before flattening them off to give a slightly raised bed for the new plants tho make their home in.

Sweet Corn


This sweetcorn plant was planted on Suzie’s second day on the farm. Look how big it is already!  Once it reaches this height, some of the plants had to be pulled up to make sure there was enough space for all the rest to grow.

Suzie had an amazing time on the farm.  Next on Suzie’s adventure list – Thailand!


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