Photo Friday: Big Trees, CA

One of the things that we love about the US is their tendency to name things as they are. Some examples that Brits will understand are sidewalk (pavement), flashlight (torch) and washcloth (flannel).

This trend is evident in naming places too – Mike’s Pizza is a Pizzeria, Kelly’s Drug Store sells cosmetics and fills prescriptions.

Last weekend we visited the aptly named Big Trees. Featuring a whole load of big trees.

Big TreesBig Trees State Park looks after two huge groves of giant sequoia trees. The biggest of which at the time was felled in the mid 1800s and had a diameter of 7.3m. The bark was stripped and taken all over the world to show people the giant tree.


Visitors then started flocking to the site to see the giant trees in the forest. The next biggest tree was slowly stripped of bark by tourists hoping to take a souvenir home with them. Sadly the tree, the Mother of the Forest, then died in a fire – as the bark of giant sequoias provides protection from flames.


These trees are not only huge but beautiful. The bark is soft and fuzzy – a glowing bronze against the backdrop of green foliage.


Some of the trees have fallen over naturally, if their trunks are damaged at all their stability is compromised in high wind and storms.


The roots that are then exposed can form some really awesome shapes. This particular bunch were about 8ft tall.

Big Trees Branch.jpg

This may look like a trunk, but it’s actually a branch. Some branches that fall off sequoia trees have been known to have a diameter of over 6ft.

Have you seen any massive trees? What do you think of taking home natural souvenirs? Let us know in the comments below.



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