Photo Friday: Life on the Farm

We have been super busy enjoying the great state of California (and a bit of Nevada and Arizona)! But we have now had some space to sit down and write a little; thanks to our gorgeous, temporary new home on a farm.

Photo Friday - The Farm.jpg

Way back when we were in Bolivia, we started to think about how we could spend a few weeks in the heart of the US. We knew we wouldn’t want to stay anywhere too long, because it was so darn expensive, but we also wanted to meet some people, and get to know another way of life.

Along came Workaway, a website that connects hosts and volunteers from all over the world. We get to stay on this picturesque farm, plus eat some delicious produce that’s grown here. On top of that, we get to learn how to grow things, and meet a load of local people – we’re loving it!


On one of our first days we were tasked with planting corn. When the shoots started appearing, we were so excited. This corn is only a few days old, but the corn that was planted six weeks ago is taller than us now!


This is D in an apple tree, pulling off the damaged apples so the tree doesn’t waste energy growing them anymore. It can simply focus on producing some amazing fruit.


When you’re on a farm, there are a ton of hoe jokes. But they’re a really useful tool and we use them for weeding and making rows (the little hills we plant in).

San Andreas.jpg

About a mile from the farm is the local village, a place that makes you feel like you’re stepped back in time. We love these old time buidlings, which actually house an antiques shop.


Onion cutting, is where you cut off the stalk and roots of an onion to make it look like they do in the shops. It may seem like a dull task, but when you’re doing it in the sunshine with a bunch of great people (and two dogs), it’s actually pretty fun.

What do you love about local farms? Has volunteering taken you round the world? Have you had a great experience with Workaway? Let us know in the comments below.


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