This has been a peculiar month, adjusting back to the Western World after our time in South America. We wrote about the route we took through the countries we visited here. We’ve met up with some old friends in North America that have been nice enough to show us around, and that has helped the strange sense of bumping back to reality.

TL;DR - May.jpg

Top Post

Our highest rated post this month has been one that D wrote debunking the myths about staying in hostels – The Truth About Hostelling

Photo Friday

Our Photo Fridays this month have looked at Miami, Washington DC, Macchu Picchu and a sad goodbye to South America


Most of our other posts have been based in Bolivia. We wrote about the quirks of the country, and the best coffee shops in Santa Cruz. We wrote about the reasons we didn’t visit the Silver Mines in Potosi, and the fun things to do there instead. Lastly, we gave you the lowdown on our Uyuni Salt Flat Tour.

Dinner Table Stories

We’re gaining quite a collection of stories that will last us a lifetime. Two that we wrote about this month was C breaking her toe in Lima, and some tales from the buses we’ve been on over the last 3 months.


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