Suzie does….

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Suzie, our little mascot who has joined us on our RTW trip.  We were given her by D’s brother and challenged to capture as many candid shots of her escapades as we could.  So here goes..

Suzie’s does…Brazil


Suzie missed out on Rio (she got left in the bag); therefore this first shot, which you may have already seen from our Photo Friday post, shows her relaxing on Praia de Feiteceira on Ilha Grande.


Suzie’s next adventure was a jeep tour in Paraty.  The seat belt was a little too big but she survived and was able to visit a Cachaça distillery, the spirit used to make Caipirinhas and slide down a natural rock slide at a local cachoeira (waterfall).


In Sao Paulo Suzie decided to get some exercise and hires a bike to cycle round Ibirepura park.


Despite getting a bit wet, Suzie enjoyed her visit to the Iguaçu Falls and particularly the Devil’s throat.


Suzie’s final stop on her Brazilian tour was in the Pantanal, an open wetland teeming with wildlife.  She went on boat and jeep safaris, indulged in some swimming in the Miranda river and spotted an armadillo.

Overall it looks like Suzie had an amazing time in Brazil.  Next up Bolivia!


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