Photo Friday: Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo’s bustling nature reminded us of nearly every metropolitan city we’ve visited.


We had a great time there, trying to keep our pennies in our pockets before our big expense of snooping at the wildlife in the Pantanal.


The newly built Luz Station has a spire that is supposed to be inspired by Big Ben. I’m not sure the tower in London has ever had that colour sky as a backdrop though.


The traffic lights around the centre of the city are shaped to look like some of the most important buildings around São Paulo. These depict the Municipal Theatre, which is the building in the background.


Brazil is in the middle of political outrage at the alleged corruption in the government. This is especially evident in São Paulo, where we encountered demonstrations. This figure is apparently the amount of tax Brazilians have paid so far in 2016.


Beautiful Graffiti is everywhere! If it can be painted, it will be.


We passed a very enjoyable evening at this trendy burger joint in the bohemian neighbourhood of Vila Madalena. The motto was so brilliant, and we absolutely agree with it’s sentiment!

Have you heard of other cities with cool traffic lights? Do you love graffiti, or think it’s an eyesore?


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