Guest Urban Hotel: A review

There is only so long you can spend in 10 bed dorms. Listening to a symphony of snoring, the bathroom never being free and having fights at 2am about the temperature of the air conditioning all take their toll after a while.

We eventually decided we needed a little bit of comfort and privacy in Sāo Paulo, and found a really great place to stay in the form of Guest Urban Hotel.


The hotel is in a quiet, safe part of town; the only disadvantage being the 15 minute walk to the nearest metro station. They have friendly reception staff, great WiFi and you can hire bikes from them at only 20 reals a day (just get your booking in early – unlike us).


The room was brilliant. Sparsely decorated with an exposed brick wall; some features made out of piping, like a clothing rail, gave the room an industrial feel. Bizarrely, there were two small canvases of scantily clad women that seemed somewhat misplaced in the otherwise tasteful room. We sank onto the pristine king sized bed, with bright white linen and a super soft blanket.

There was a TV we found a few English programmes on, a fridge we could store our water bottles in, and air conditioning that worked 24 hours a day (some places limit the times you can use AC in). There was also an ensuite, with fluffy white towels, toiletries and a great shower with hot water! It was bliss.


Breakfast is included, standard Brazilian fare with bread, cheese, ham, fruit and coffee. There is, if you fancy it for breakfast, the best tasting cake which changes every day – the cinnamon one is divine.


While we were staying, all the guests got a free drink, and ‘free entry’ to a party, hosted by the hotel, which was held in the back courtyard. There was a live DJ and dancing, but was all wrapped up by 10pm, just in time for bed.

We really enjoyed our stay at Guest Urban Hotel, a peaceful retreat in a bustling city.


2 thoughts on “Guest Urban Hotel: A review

  1. Nan says:

    I enjoy getting your updates every week. You really deserved the luxury of a PROPER bed,after all that travelling. Take care of yourselves. Lots of love. XX


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