Recipe For a Perfect Caipirinha

Our first experience of Caipirinhas were in Rio, as they are a special delicacy in Brazil. Since then, they have been at least weekly (sometimes daily) occurrence of sweet and sour goodness.

As we get further from Brazil, they are disappearing from bar menus and, when they do feature, are getting more expensive. Luckily, we smuggled some of the main ingredient, Cachaça, across the border.

Cachaça is a type of rum that is only produced in Brazil. A litre bottle of it in the shops costs around 10 Reais, so about £2. We visited a few Cachaça distilleries on a brilliant day trip in Paraty, but didn’t learn how to make them until we got taught by a hostel barmaid in Foz du Iguaçu.


To make the perfect Caipirinha, you will need the following ingredients;


One and a half limes, cut into eighths.


Three tablespoons of sugar (yes, tablespoons).


A glass of ice.


And a bottle of Cachaça.

The method


1. Put the ice and sugar in a glass and smush it until all the sugar dissolves.

2. Fill the glass with ice.

3. Add the Cachaça. Turn the bottle upside down for 3 seconds. That’s 3 Brazillian seconds. At least count to 3 mississippis, but preferably to 3 supercalifragilisticexpialidociouses (is that the plural?). Either way, err on the side of more alcohol.

It is super tasty and totally has one of your five a day! If you don’t have any Cachaça to hand, simply substitute white rum or vodka.


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