Photo Friday: Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls lie on the Iguassu River which forms the divide between Brazil and Argentina. Both sides have capitalised on this magnificent natural feature, and many tourists end up visiting both sides.

There are between 150 and 300 waterfalls at Iguassu, depending on rainfall. The most famous fall, the Devil’s Throat, accounts for approximately half of the water volume flowing through the falls.


Argentinian side

Brazilian side


A view of the platform that takes you under the Devil’s Throat. I took several photos of the waterfall behind us, but the sheer amount of spray drowned the lens before I could get a clear shot of it.

The park is awash with butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colours. They can easily distract you from the falls.

This cute little fuzzball is a Quatis (Kwa-tee). They adorably run all over the park until they spot food, and then they can become quite vicious. There are pictures everywhere showing graphic quatis bites, but that doesn’t stop mothers getting their young children to pose while feeding them.


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