Photo Friday: Paraty



Paraty is a lovely colonial town, on the coast about 6 hours drive out from Rio. Its pedestrianised historical town centre has quaint cobbled streets lined with colourful shops and restaurants.


According to the Lonely Planet Guide, Paraty only has four churches and a museum. It took us less than 90 minutes to lazily wander round and see all of the ‘attractions’. This church is by far the biggest and legend has it, was financed by pirate treasure.


Outside of Paraty there are loads of waterfalls that can be reached by booking on to one of the many tours on offer. Each waterfall has its own benefits, the most famous being Cachoeira Do Tobogã, where tourists and locals alike go to slide down the huge smooth rocks into the pool below.


Until around a century ago, Brazil’s famous spirit, Cachaça, used to be called Paraty due to the amount of distilleries in the area. Although some are just an excuse to sell you something, some offer an interesting insight into the production of this rum.


During our time in Paraty we also saw some of these little guys who were hanging out in the trees. It made D very happy after being disappointed in Rio not seeing any monkeys.


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