TL;DR February

My brother is nothing if not efficient. It was him that introduced me to the phrase TL;DR. It’s a phrase he used to describe one of my emails to him. Thanks by the way.




Literally, “Too long; didn’t read”.
Said whenever a nerd makes a post that is too long to bother reading.


Therefore, this is a special monthly summary for anyone who doesn’t want to trawl through all of the posts that have been published in February.


This month, we’ve revisited a few destinations we’ve visited before. Our brief stint in Paris, visiting friends in Dublin, and two separate anniversary holidays in Los Alcazares and Malta.

I had a short emotional interlude to explain why I may not seem that excited about travelling the world.

I’ve also released my inner organiser, and made several lists, sharing our bucket list, and explained what our To-Do list has looked like over the last few months (although I have the sneakiest suspision we must have forgotten something).



2 thoughts on “TL;DR February

  1. Angie James says:

    Hi Dave and Claire

    Just wanted to wish you lots of luck and safe travels as you start your amazing adventure together.


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