Photo Friday: Paris

Photo Friday 12-2

Paris was the first stop on our European Adventure. It was D’s first experience of hostels (which turned out amazingly well). Although we’d booked a dorm room, we ended up in a private twin with our own shower!

Paris 2

Obviously, it is essential to visit the Eiffel Tower at some point in your life and, if you are in Paris, it would be rude not to. We decided to use the stairs for three reasons;

1.) It saved us some Euros.
2.) The queues for the lifts were huge.
3.) We can gloat about it.

Paris 1

Compared to some of the other places in which we have climbed really tall buildings, like New York or London, Paris’ skyline looks different. There are no skyscrapers dominating the landscape and the majority of the old pale buildings still stand, instead of the endless sea of glass.

Paris 6

It was great to see the original love lock bridge before all the locks were removed last year. This is definitely the most impressive collection, although ‘love locks’ are attached to random bridges all over the world.

Paris 4

D and I are far too hipster to do anything as conventional as the Louvre! One of the museums we visited was the Musee des Egouts de Paris, which is actually a fascinating look at how Paris’ water and sewerage system came to be. The enterance to the museum is underneath the hut you can see in the back of the photo.

Paris 5

We bought tickets for a show at Moulin Rouge before we left the UK. We desperately wanted to see it, and knew that if we didn’t have the tickets in hand, it would feel to0 extravagant to pay when we got there. The seating was cramped, and I managed to spill a glass of champagne everywhere, but it was a really fantastic show (despite sitting on a table with a middle aged American couple who couldn’t get enough of each other – eurrgh!).

Paris 3

The only other museum we visited was the Museum of Chocolate. It was a really sweet (excuse the pun) look at the history of mostly hot chocolate. They do a praline making demonstration and you get a super tasty hot chocolate included in the price of a ticket.

Veggie Rating: 4/5 Some amazing veggie restaurants (I’m looking at you Loving Hut), and it was easy enough to find something to eat on the other menus.


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