The Puzzle of Puzzle

Most of you will have heard about this adorable puddle of fluff. We found Puzzle at a shelter in August 2014 and she meowed her way into our hearts.


She’s not very good at being a shelter kitty because she really hates other cats! She likes pretending she’s a tiger when she sees other cats in the neighbourhood, but she’s a kitten at heart and ends up running off if they ever get too close.

I think if it weren’t for her, we would have had this travelling thing planned ages ago. But the first question we asked whenever we talked about it was, ‘What do we do with Puzzle?’

I think shelters do a great job, but we didn’t want her to be put back in the system. Also, to be truthful, we want to see her again at the end of the 12 months, and hopefully have her back living with us as ‘our cat’ (although you never can really ‘own’ a cat).

Luckily, we both come from a long line of cat lovers – and ours is particularly lovable. So we have four options;

My parents – They live a couple hours drive away which isn’t great and they already have two cats. But they have a huge garden and both cats pretty much keep to themselves.

D’s parents – They live quite near, but have two cats already who are sisters. One of them is a particular bully to all the other cats in the area.

My brother – Who lives in London. He’s not a cat person, but his girlfriend has just moved in, and she might appreciate a ‘trial cat’.

D’s brother – Who lives near their parents. They’ve just had a baby (our gorgeous niece), but I know they’ve been missing the cat they lost about a year ago.


Puzzle is going to live with my Uncle. My cousins seemed not to hear the word ‘might’ in the sentence, “We might get a cat”, so they are borrowing her for a year to see how everyone gets on with a new fuzzy friend.


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