Photo Friday: Gloucestershire

Not every trip needs a passport, and if we don’t fly, I don’t have to worry about baggage allowance. Plus there are some spectacularly beautiful places in England.

Photo Friday 15-1.jpg

We went to Gloucestershire in August 2015, on part of our tour round the UK’s 29 Go Ape locations – more on that later. We stayed in Quedgeley, just outside Gloucester, and used that to explore the area.

Gloucester Cathedral is most famous for being used as a filming location in the Harry Potter films, but it is beautiful in its own right.


Gloucester was the inspiration of one of Beatrix Potter’s books – the Tailor of Gloucester. There is a lovely museum and shop now in the building in which the book was set.


The ‘aMazing Hedge Puzzle‘ was a really fun activity. The staff there are really lovely, and great with young visitors. We actually had to briefly drive into Wales to get here.


Clearwell Caves are first and foremost a mining museum, a real insight into the miners that have worked down here for over 4,500 years. But the nine caves open to the public are also gorgeous natural geographical features.


We made it, despite the torrential rain! Loads of fun in the Forest of Dean.

Veggie Rating: 3/5 – There were a couple of veggie options most places we went, but nothing terribly exciting.



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