The Art of Camera Buying

Today, I bought a new camera for our trip. I am very excited and have been snapping my way through the day, photographing everything I can see from the sofa.


Puzzle is never far away

Our old camera, a Nikon Coolpix, was over three years old! It served us well in those three years, but the technology in it was fading fast and the pictures it takes in the dark are awful! The Nikon was a great purchase at the time, and felt extravagant at nearly £100. It was a rushed grab on Buchanan Street after I dropped the previous one on a bus in Glasgow.

I needed a camera that worked well in low light and, as we were upgrading, Wi-Fi would be a great feature.

To begin, I started looking at bridge cameras – somewhere between a ‘point and shoot’ and a DSLR. I spent a long time cuddling them in Currys before D very gently informed me that there wouldn’t be space in my bag if I also wanted to take clothes!

Maybe it was time for a rethink.

Some days later, we found an independent camera shop in town. The guy in there was knowledgeable and lovely, and talked me through all the cameras I might like. We decided that a ‘tough’ camera would be great for me, and the one I preferred was an Olympus TG860.

The Olympus is waterproof, drop-proof, crush-proof and with an adjustable screen that allows easy selfie-taking. It takes 16MP photos with a huge range of settings and uploads them wirelessly using a handy mobile app. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Now I just need to not break it before we leave….


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