Dear Mum

Thank you for being excited about me ditching everything and running away for a year. It never occurred to me that this would be the kind of thing you support! I’m looking forward to Skyping you across the world, and sharing some great times when you come out and visit us. The more time I spend with my family, the more it shocks me that you all had a life before me. Without realising it, I’m planning to follow in some pretty epic footsteps, both figuratively and literally.

Blogging is not as scary as you think, and it means you can show everyone where I am and what I’m doing. Even that hairdresser that keeps asking if I’ve got a job yet. You can even take me with you on your snazzy new phone. I can show you the top four photos of that little town we visit in Laos, instead of the 856 that I took while we were there. In fact, you can comment on my posts, asking how I’m doing and if I’m eating enough (btw I totally am).

In the coming months I’m sure you will have helped me with boxes, given me lifts and maybe taken on a fluffball just so I can do a Forrest Gump. You will have chastised me, advised me and asked about the possibility of me dying more times that I can count.

But thanks.

Love C. X


2 thoughts on “Dear Mum

  1. Lindsey says:

    Well, some mother’s live the life they wish they’d had by putting their little darlings on the stage, but I am looking forward to pretending I had the initiative and courage to go travelling myself by being a Virtual Traveller with you! I love your blogs so far (to Jan ’16). You convey the atmosphere and your excitement beautifully and succinctly, and you pack in the experiences without wasting a moment! I’m so proud of you seizing the moment. Go and enjoy! and keep us all posted! As a certain well-travelled hedonist said: Do-oo-oo it! xxXxx


  2. petenewzealand says:

    You traveled too as a youngster Lindsey. There just weren’t the easier opportunities to go as far as there are now. And don’t forget it’s never too late. Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision.

    Claire and Dave, it’s good to have a nervous excitement about your travels, but once you get started the nervousness will go away. It’s also much easier to go for a longer time than for a couple of weeks as you have to do clothes washing. You will realise that good accommodation is one with washing facilities rather than an en-suite bathroom (not that that’s not nice as well).

    Can’t wait to hear about your world travels – and yes there was a life before you were born!!


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